JAJI Fragrances & Parfumerie, the niche luxury brand bringing French fragrance mastery to Australia


Sometimes it takes a light globe moment for inspiration to strike, and that was precisely the case for JAJI Fragrances and Parfumerie – the niche luxury fragrance house dominating Australia with its European heritage fragrance products for the home and body.


A long way from their Australian shores, in the hills North of Cannes on the French Riviera sits the small city of Grasse. Grasse has been a perfume town since the 17th Century, and today as the world’s perfume capital, its reputation speaks for itself.

James Alary and Jason West, the Perfumer duo (or noses) behind their bespoke brand connected with a traditional Perfumer who honed his skills in Grasse and who passionately shared his traditional techniques with them, encouraged them to deliver world-class fragrances for the Australian consumer.

In 2014, the seeds for Australia’s JAJI Fragrances & Parfumerie were planted and since then, their fragrance journey has blossomed with the duo creating a suite of exclusive fragrances and parfums for a number of private and business clientele.

In their earlier days, whilst creating their bespoke fragrances for their Clients, their light globe moment shone – the greater Australian consumer was void of a quality European fragrance house – created in Australia. So armed with their French fragrance mastery the duo brought to life their retail brand founded on 17th Century Aristocracy – all in the name of honouring the tradition of Perfumery.

Two years later (2016) was the year that JAJI Fragrances (sister brand to JAJI Parfumerie) officially arrived onto shelves of select boutiques throughout Australia – the first of their products where limited to Candles and Reed Diffusers – but these were no ordinary fragranced products – these were artisanal, hand-crafted and delivered fragrances quite unlike any other that had been smelt in Australia –an ode to the fragrance mecca Grasse.

Today their suite of products encompass European inspired candles beautifully showcased in a statement royal blue votive with polished gold rim – the candle wax is created in the UK specifically for their fragrances. The candle wicks are imported from Germany – from the world’s oldest wick manufacturing company no less. JAJI’s candles are made with a natural wax with no nasties, paraffins, lead or toxins. To complete the home sanctuary collection are French Apothecary Reed Diffusers (and you don’t need to turn the reeds upside down – ever!) which lasts up to 9 months and refills can be purchased separately. Exquisite Room Parfum Mist Sprays in their signature royal blue glass bottle with gold collar, Wardrobe Hanging Diffusers and Parfum Mist Oils currently complete the home sanctuary assortment – but be on the look out as the duo are releasing two new home product additions very soon!

After confidently delivering heritage-inspired luxury fragrances for the home, James and Jason expanded their range to encompass fragrances for the skin. Their gentle hand & body washes and non-greasy hand & body lotions are devoid of any unnatural ingredients such a PEGS and phalates – these body gems are cruelty-free and vegan friendly. Complementing their collection for the body is their beautiful body bars, travel soap cubes and be on the look out as they are soon to reveal a new luxury bath option with ingredients from the South of France – of course.

Offering a focused selection of seven scents, the range is precise and stunning, yet diverse. There are warm floral options like Wild Orchid which expertly blends Orchid of Singapore and Bamboo with florals that will transport you straight to a Singaporean Rainforest, or the uplifting fresh and spicy fragrance of Argania which infuses lime, honey, nutmeg and Argarwood to present an earthy Moroccan Emporium. Then, for lovers of more classic scents, there is the expertly created 1950’s Hollywood era of Black Tie and Black Dress. In between the two ends of the scent spectrum, sits Vintage Suede which relies on green notes and Antique Silk with top notes of Passionfruit and Geranium and rounded out with Red Rose, Musk and Lily of the Valley. And, rounding out the palette, there is INK. Using citrus scents like Bergamot, Lemon, Mandarin and Lime, the fragrance raises distinct visions of a warm contemporary and traditional scent. And, let’s not overlook their specially curated Parfums with eight distinct fragrances ranging from the wilds of Madagascar to 17th Century Royalty.

Six years on from their very first scent creation, (2020) James and Jason opened their concept luxury fragrance boutique under the umbrella of The Atelier Ascot. The Atelier in French translates to Artisans Workshop – The duo have created everything themselves. From the packaging to their gold emblem to their exclusive crafted niche fragrances – which took years to perfect. Every item is hand poured, hand labelled and hand packed – you won’t find any large mass production line at the House of JAJI. Every fine detail is a level of craftsmanship expected with such luxury and The Atelier Ascot delivers this and so much more – exclusively. Whilst the sad decision was to let their Australian stockists go, the duo had very clear visions of what they wanted their boutique to be – and that was extremely exclusive – you cannot purchase their luxury fragrance items anywhere else which makes their brand even more appealing. Of course their online boutique provides the opportunity to purchase their products from the comfort of home but nothing compares to entering their doors and inhaling a luxury fragrance that instantly transports you to the heart of where it all began – Grasse.