In Residence. Ambiance through Scent

Have your exclusivey designed Fragrance dispersed through your residence with one of our state of the art scent delivery systems.


“In a first of its kind for residential contexts, an exclusive home fragrance crafted specifically to capture the personality of ‘Verona’ & ‘Milano’ Residences have been developed in colloboration with local artisanal Master Perfumers JAJI Fragrances & Parfumerie. Harnessing the powerful connection between scent and memory that has long been recognised by luxury brands and hotels, these custom-designed fragrancea will be integrated with the home’s HVAC system to provide a unique and fully immersive sensory experience for future residents and guests, befitting such a prestige homes.”


JAJI Fragrances creates beautiful fragrances for private homes and residential buildings with a passion for designing more than nice-smelling homes – we design bespoke and tailored fragrances paired with beautifully designed and modern scent diffusion systems.

Working closely with property developers, interior designers, architects, and individual home owners, we extend seamless integration for our clients. Those looking for high quality and beautifully designed scent solutions are now able to implement the same technologies as their favourite hotel into their own home.

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