The Classic Collection

Fresh, vibrant, bright herbal and green notes are
the trend for 2024. Think eucalyptus,
pine, vetiver, wood, and rosemary

The Classic Collection

The Classic Collection is an exploration of stories from the past. We have shared these in Parfum form, paying homage to cultural and artistic elegance passed down through generations. From recreating memories of the Golden Era of 1950’s Hollywood with its playful grandeur in a Summer of Italy to a celebration of the effervescence of Madagascar to Nobility of 17th-century Kings and Queens, The Classic Collection is luxurious and enviable of the lifestyles of those who have lived it and who continue to live it.

Monarch Rouge

17th Century Nobility. Oozes opulence

Monarch Noire

17th Century Nobility. Rich and deep.

Black Tie

Italian Summer in 1950’s Hollywood style

Vintage Suede

Walk amoungst a Swedish forest and inhale a burst of freshness

Miavana Sunrise

The Madagascan sun rises and bestows a gentle warmth

Miavana Sunset

The Madagascan sun brushes your skin at day’s end

Imperial Lotus Gold

Aristocracy at its finest. Sensual & seductive

Imperial Lotus Platinum

Aristocracy secrets. Dark and mysterious

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