The cost of a bespoke Parfum


JAJI BESPOKE is truly a unique experience, an exclusive occasion to design your very own Parfum, developed with our internationally recognised Master Perfumer duo, Jim & Jason.

“we are wishing to make bespoke perfumery more accessible to a wider audience”


When most people think of bespoke goods, they often think of shirts, suits, wedding gowns, maybe even an haute couture dress and parting with quite a few thousands of dollars on such items seems quite acceptable. But when it comes to bespoke perfume, Australians in particular are not quite as understanding of the high cost of Bespoke Perfume design as our European counterparts.

Perfume (or fragrance) in Europe is steeped in history. Dating back to the 1700’s, bespoke perfumes were created for Royalty and for the very wealthy. Today, wearing an exceptionally well crafted and high quality fragrance almost forms part of a European’s DNA. Sadly in Australia, this level of perfume appreciation is not quite the same– enter JAJI Parfumerie.

Jim and Jason are the Master Perfumers (or noses) to their Australian niche parfum house JAJI Parfumerie based in Brisbane. The duo have created fragrances for a select clientele and their skills have been retained to produce the most uplifting, breathtaking and unique scents for their clients around the world.

Just like any bespoke or quality custom made item, the artisaning process takes time. Master Perfumers are highly regarded in their field and belong to an elite membership. For Jim and Jason to design a bespoke scent for a client, the process can take 3-6 Months. The cost of designing a bespoke scent with JAJI Parfumerie is considerably less particularly when comparing to European Master Perfumers who charge anything from $30,000 to $50,000 to $75,000 for the exact process used by Jim and Jason. While wealthy Europeans don’t even batter an eyelid at the cost – for them it’s not about being able to afford it – it is about understanding and appreciating the opportunity of being involved in something so very unique that their fragrance is only identifiable to themselves and no-one else. No matter where they travel in the world it will always be known that the scent belongs only to them and that is the greatest luxury of all. The Perfume duo are certainly not cutting any corners or removing the prestige… “we are wishing to make bespoke perfumery more accessible to a wider audience” said Jim.

Education is key when it comes to an item that is not normally identified as being tailored or bespoke. “Bespoke perfumery really does take the world of personalisation to an entirely new level”, said Jason. The demand for their skills are seeing them being commissioned to create more and more custom fragrances for their National & International audience.

Jim and Jason are creating more than a bespoke scent – they are creating a legacy that will be passed down for generations and generations to follow – now that is a lasting bespoke experience.

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