The Story


Hailing from San Francisco, James Alary, an accomplished and Internationally renowned 3D Artist partnered with Australian, Jason West, a Luxury International Hotelier to combine their experiences of luxury travel and art to deliver a sensory product unlike any other.

Combining their unique talents of meticulous attention to detail and with a nose to create the perfect balance yet very complex fragrances has seen the duo design exclusive fragrances for Celebrities, Hotels and Luxury Residence owners.

Capturing the essence of true luxury and romance of a bygone era, was an indication of the level of fragrance that they wanted to hand-craft and hand-pour into each of their JAJI retail branded products. Today, these traditional and heritage methods continue ensuring that JAJI is not only defined by the the quality of their ingredients or the unwavering attention to detail applied in their production process but most importantly, the ambience that they create.

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From our luxury lifestyle fragrance brand through to collaborating on fragrances for Celebrities, Luxury Hotels and high-end boutiques has seen us design unique fragrance products around the word. We hope you enjoy our hand-crafted products in your very own space too.