This refillable elegant European cut crystal diffuser is an intimate piece and is designed to enhance your personal space whether it is sitting on your home or office desk, your powder room, your bedside table or anywhere else that is YOUR space.

This is a unique hand-crafted diffuser. It is as simple as unscrewing the crystal top and placing the parfum oil (enclosed in beautiful black velvet lined box with the crystal diffuser) into the chamber. Replace crystal top and the fragrance will disperse through tiny holes in the collar of the lid. No need for reeds and you can refill at any time when required. Refills sold separately.

Select your Crystal Colour and Fragrance below and the Notes will be revealed.

The Sapphire Crystal Diffuser is accessorised with a Dropper Bottle of JAJI’s exquisite pure 100% Parfum Fragrance oil (of your choice) which is poured into the Crystal Diffuser vessel. Tiny holes in the collar of the Crystal Diffuser allows for the luxury Fragrance to emerge.

The Fragrance will last between 4 – 6 Months*     Refill with the same fragrance.

*Please ensure to follow the Diffuser Safety & Tips to gain optimum performance from your Crystal Diffuser.

SIZE: 10 ML / .34 FL OZ     COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Australia




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