Jason West & James Alary are the Master Perfumers behind such exclusiveness. They have designed Parfum’s for clientele in Australia, USA & Monaco and they bring traditional perfumery to their exclusive Boutique, The Atelier Ascot – a place where you can breathe the essence not only of the exclusive but of excellence.

Explore a curated selection designed exclusively for their Boutique – Let us introduce you to the Classic Collection.



A truly unique composition which brings the vibrancy of 1950’s classic Hollywood into the modern rich and sophisticated world. The bright, vivacious impact of Italian Bergamot, cool Green Apple & creamy Tonka Bean introduce an immense lift – paying homage to the freshness of a 1950’s Italian Summer vacation. Beneath, a complex base of indulgent materials such as Tobacco, Cedarwood & Oakmoss make a profound presence as enveloping Cardamom lends its aromatic spice to the smooth sensuality of Leather, with smoky Bourbon rounding into a fresh & classic creation.




A classically opulent Amber & Vetiver creation with a delightful twist. This Parfum releases a fresh top note of leaf greens & citrus to introduce itself as something immediately addictive with a Swedish touch. Beneath this fresh spark, White Jasmine, Rose and Magnolia flitter away to reveal an extravagant warm base. Completing the dry-down are touches of Myrrh, Tonka Bean & Vanilla, lending a balance between the fresh present and warmth of Amber & Vetiver.




The kind of fragrance which draws the world to its charm, Imperial Lotus Platinum radiates the perfect balance of easy-going brightness with a sophisticated strength of character. This instantly loveable creation opens with a bright burst of Citrus complemented with complex Herb notes. A touch of heritage Oud, Clove, Peppercorn, Musk & Ginger continue this vibrant personality, which dries down into a base of extreme depth and warmth. Amber Resin & Black Orchid resonate throughout, whilst a prevailing Lotus Flower note transforms the entirety into a notably fresh, woody scent, which lends to a seductive dry-down.




A delicate and delightful scent with a sense of 17th Century formality, Imperial Lotus Gold conveys a resolute sense of self. Warm and sensual tones of Sandalwood & Amber create a woody base which enchants the senses with its elegant floral beauty of Lotus Flower & Black Orchid. Oudh, Clove & Heliotrope take a starring role in the heart of this creation.




Monarch Rouge is a fragrance which epitomizes opulence with its Royal connections – upon its reveal is the expertly balanced and gentle spices of Cinnamon & Nutmeg. The heart is given a gentle spark with Oudh Wood & Amber. A unique effect occurs where the base of powdery Red Rose, Amyris and Eucalyptus appear to fizz as it settles into a dry-down of Clove, Bergamot, Cinnamon & Myrrh. Monarch Rouge is an enticing experience which transforms any who wear it into a person of mystery and intrigue.




This exclusive Parfum embodies Regal sophistication. Atop, the strength of Oudh Wood & Sandal with fresh notes of Lavender & Musk lend their lively prominence to a heart of Black Tonka, Myrrh, Magnolia & Heliotrope. The warmth and mystery is further enhanced with Dark Vanilla, Cedarwood, Sandalwood & Amber Resin – which gives a perfectly balanced heat. Tempered with the softness of Patchouli and meticulously infused with Incense and Spiced Honey gives it a sensual edge.




MIAVANA translates “to bring together” in Malagasy language & in true African flair, a Citrus cocktail opens this creation and runs throughout – North African Cyclamen, Musk & Ginger mingle with citrus of Mandarin, Lemon & Lime. Fresh, aromatic Herb notes of Basil Leaf & Thyme extend the distinct freshness of this accord and mingle beautifully down into a floral heart based around the freshness of Madagascar Jasmine and the creamy tones of Tonka. This resolutely fresh composition orchestrates together harmoniously – a new day begins.




MIAVANA translates “to bring together” in Malagasy language. Bright Citrus notes of Tangelo, Bergamot, Orange & Lemon mingle with the vibrant qualities of African Gardenia & Madagascar Jasmine for a natural freshness of Africa – the earthiness of which is strengthened via Cedar Wood & Vetiver, alongside a bed of Lavender. Touches of Patchouli, Musk & Orchid, swirl together, drawing out a sunset of warmth.



A perfectly-fitting scent for the person who wants to make a statement and draw people into their charm rather than dividing the crowd, Courageous is an exclusive creation. An incredibly fresh and fruity accord, Courageous blends Citrus & Spice notes atop an unusual addition of Grapefruit, Ylang Ylang & Tonka, whilst Bitter Orange & Bergamot continue a slightly Oriental tone. Anchored with a splash of Raspberry, Benzoin & Honey, this lively creation is complimented with the warm timbers of Sandal & Cedar. Courageous is a charity derived composition – proceeds from the sale of every bottle return to Mind your Fashion – a charity supporting Mental Illness in the Fashion & Creative Industries.