Soft floral fragrances represent one of the oldest and most important fragrance families within the fragrance wheel. The soft floral family is today, relatively unknown. 

Soft floral fragrances are often described as having a powdery character. Soft, powdery, sweet, musky and creamy.

Another key element of these fragrances is the characteristic sparkle achieved through the use of molecules called Aldehydes. Aldehydes have been used for nearly a century in fine fragrances to give a fragrance lift and freshness.

Soft floral fragrances are elegant, sultry and refined and represent an idea of modernity that still feels fresh and innovative nearly a hundred years later.

Another key component of soft floral fragrances is musk. It is important to note that musk derived from animals has not been used for a very long time; instead, Parfumers use synthetic alternatives.

Musk provides a soft, downy texture to fragrances, bathing compositions in a warm, sensual glow.

This is why as Fragrances Designers for JAJI we love infusing soft florals into some of our unique fragrance creations.

Do you like Soft Florals too?