Okay, so JAJI (pronounced Jha-Jhee) might be a newcomer to the world of luxury candles but this fragrance company is on-point and on-trend when it comes to delivering the most amazing scents. And I mean AMAZING! 
I am trying to think of the best way to describe the complexities of these notes…Okay, so think fine French fragrances, think luxury perfumes and then imagine these entwined in pure silky natural soy & coconut wax. Well, JAJI does exactly that and while the French remain the premium high-end players in the market, JAJI an American/Australian due do it right here in Brisbane, Australia.
JAJI has seven distinct fragrances in their collection, all with parfum elements of course. As I write this to you I have Black Tie gently burning on my desk. This is definitely a scent for the Classic individual and I can see why the ladies are clawing their way to get their hands on this debonair beast. So clever are ‘the noses’ of JAJI that this charming fragrance has fragrance notes revitalised from the 1950’s. I get a hint of Italian Citrus, Wood and Spice and I’m told that there is warm leather and bergamot too…I really haven’t smelt anything like it and I can understand why this brand is labelled as sophisticated, grown up with a contemporary edge. 
JAJI doesn’t reveal all their ingredients and there is a mystery about their fragrances that just lures you in and you want to try and discover for yourself exactly what you could be smelling…but be warned, you may not ever know…and for me, I really don’t mind – the fragrance is transporting me into a completely different world.
I have been given samples of the remainder seven fragrances and I will return with my thoughts on each one as I experience them…I think I will burn Black Dress next…it is the partner to this sexy and debonair Black Tie…
JAJI also artisan beautiful diffusers, parfum wash & lotions, mist oils and I can’t wait to discover their Room Parfums, Colognes and Parfum’s.
Be sure to head over to www.jaji.com.au to discover a luxury fragrance that is definitely in its own league.

Words by Stewart Miller