JAJI BESPOKE is truly a unique experience, an exclusive occasion to design your very own Parfum, developed with our highly sort after and experienced Master Perfumer duo, Jason and Jim.

With three consultations and approximately three months for the creation process, you are invited to immerse yourself in the unique identities of our fragrances, accords and precious oils and essences that we have sourced from around the world  – all of which we specifically use to create your own bespoke Parfum – an all exclusive and individual custom fragrance designed especially for you.


Your perfume experience (consultation) begins with a series of summarising questions which assists our Master Perfumers to determine the chosen direction of your fragrance profile. You will be invited to our Boutique at 68 Racecourse Road, Ascot where your olfactory journey and consultation will take place. The Master Perfumers will then work on adapting the scents based on your individual responses and preferences.

We will invite you back for you to experience a minimum of six custom-made blends which will form the direction of your base notes. Upon deciding on the base note path our Master Perfumers will then develop key heart & top notes.


Upon completion of designing your heart & top note accords, we will invite you back into the Boutique to once again experience the fragrances that have been designed for you. Once you have decided on your heart and top note accords we will proceed to the final stage of your bespoke and exclusive parfum design


At the final stage of your JAJI Bespoke Parfum experience, the finishing additions will be made to your custom fragrance. A series of final blend Parfums will be presented to you in sample size vials so you can take them home and see how they perform on your skin. Once the final decision has been made on your bespoke blend we will proceed to hand pouring two (2) x 55ml JAJI glass Parfum bottles and labelled with your very own Parfum name. Each bottle is presented in a gift box along with a Fragrance Card detailing the key notes in your fragrance.


Upon hand-over of your finished and fully bottled Parfum you will also be presented with A Certificate of Exclusivity. This is our assurance to you that your fragrance will not be replicated for anyone else and has been exclusively designed for you. In addition and for your peace of mind, your bespoke perfume recipe will be securely archived in our ledgers for you and your future generations to reorder.




Currently designing an exclusive Parfum for a Charity within the Fashion & Creative Industries.

Launching in December 2021



An exclusive Parfum designed and lovingly named with a combination of the names of their 2 children.




An exclusive Parfum designed as a wedding gift to each other as a token of their eternal love.




A warm floral Parfum which evokes happiness was exclusively designed for our client in Brisbane, Australia.

Miss Elaine



Three fragrances exclusively designed for a new Men’s only luxury grooming brand.

Earl & Duke



Gent’s Parfum designed for one of the World’s notable leading Luxury Lifestyle Magazine Brands.

Polo de Marco



Exclusive Parfum designed for High profile Socialite based in New York.

The Socialite



Revigorised Fragrance Design for new Hotel | HVAC, Candles and Reed Diffusers.

The Ruby Hotel Collection

 To own a fragrance that utterly represents you is the desire of every perfume purchaser. In a time of mass-market perfumes, big brands and overwhelming choice, this has seemed an ever more elusive dream – but not for much longer.

In our Brisbane & exclusive Boutique, The Atelier Ascot, our in-house Master Perfumers reverted to the history books for inspiration; specifically to the 17th & 18th Century. Back then, bespoke creations could take as long as a year to develop; today’s modern technology has streamlined the process, allowing us to take the bespoke experience to the next level.

Your Exclusive Parfum Design Pricing


AUD $2500

  • Includes personality fragrance profiling and consulting
  • Includes designing accords of base, heart & top notes
  • Includes Certificate of Exclusivity
  • Includes personalised Parfum Label & Design
  • Includes sample testers of final parfums to decide which one will move forward to full size bottling. This also allows you to test on your own skin.
  • Includes  2 x 55ml of completed Parfum in glass vessel and placed in your individual labelled gift boxes
  • Includes Fragrance Card detailing the final notes
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Confidential Enquiry for Business



Please Note: Once payment has been received for the bespoke parfum service no refund is available. This is an exclusive service whereby you have retained specialised Perfumer’s to design your fragrance(s) and because of this bespoke service refunds are not available.